Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Documenting Our Travels

Never one to do things by halves, I couldn't decide on one way to document our holiday, so I'm doing it in three ways instead. The first thing I did when we got home was pick my favourite photos (and given I averaged about 135 photos a day for the fortnight, that was no easy task!) and upload them to Photobox to be printed as a photobook. It's the first time I've used Photobox - I've used Snapfish in the past but the most recent few orders have seen a definite decline in quality, so I decided to go with someone different this time - and I have to say I'm glad I did! The quality is really good, and I'm really pleased with the finished product. The idea is that this will be a good way to show friends and family where we went without overloading them and boring them to death! 
The second method of documentation is going to be a scrapbook - I picked up this map covered one from Paperchase. This is a traditional scrapbook, with blank pages rather than page protectors, so I'm going to have to be careful not to make my pages too bulky, and ensure everything is really stuck down! I particularly liked this book as it has divider pages with pockets where I can keep all the maps & tourist info that I picked up along our journey. I have a pile of photos ready and waiting, so I'm hoping to make a start at the weekend.
The third method of documentation is more personal, so I hope no one minds that I've blurred my handwriting. I wanted a way of keeping a more detailed record of where we went and what we did each day, so I decided to keep a travel journal. I had every intention of completing this as I went along, and took both the journal and some supplies in my suitcase - none of which saw the light of day until we got home! 
This journal will hold all of the small memorabilia that I collected, like boarding passes, receipts and anything else small enough to be stuck in, alongside a written record of everything we did - it could take me some time! 
Thanks for stopping by, and thanks to everyone who left a comment on my previous post - it's good to be back :D


Sue Jones said...

They are all Wonderful.

jill said...

A lovely way to remember your trip to America.

misteejay said...

Great way to create keepsakes of your trip.
Toni xx

CoventryAnn said...

Great idea to vary the ways you record your trip.

Unknown said...

Wow, this is a huge project but one that will make you happy all your life.
I now have the information on that traditional scrapbook. Off to the internets to have a look, I thank you, even if my bank balance doesn't!

Good luck with the project.