Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Art Journaling Workshop

Thanks to my lovely hubby, and the gorgeous Dyan from Art from the Heart, I had a fabulous Easter Sunday! Hubby booked me on Dyan's art journaling workshop as a birthday present, so on Sunday morning I headed off to Harrogate for a day of painty, inky fun! 
I'd assumed that the workshop was a one off, but as it turns out it was part of a series, but that's ok because Dyan explained that people can dip in and out as they want, and not everyone there had been to all of the workshops in the series so far. In fact there were two other complete newbies, so I didn't feel like the odd one out! 
I took a small Moleskine journal with me, but after seeing what everyone had done in previous weeks I soon ditched that and purchased a much bigger one from the shop - and I'm so glad I did! The first double spread that I did is above - Dyan talked us through this one, starting with the painted background, adding the stamped borders and lines from her amazing stamp sets, then adding the collaged elements from book paper and magazines, and finally adding some more colour using Derwent Inktense blocks. It's still a work in progress (all the pages are), I'll go back in and add more later, but I'm very happy with my first attempt at art journaling 'Dyan style' :D 
This is the second double spread. I managed to paint and stamp, but when I went to add the magazine image it all went wrong! Dyan had told us to open our journals randomly and start painting, to avoid that 'first page' feeling. That meant though, that when I'd painted and stamped my second page I had no idea which way was up, and instead of checking I went ahead and glued in an image. Which turned out to be upside down :( By the time I realised the glue was too sticky for me to pull off the image straight away, so I left it to dry and carried on to page 3. When I came back to this page at the end I managed to get the original image off, but didn't have much time to choose another (we don't really have magazines at home so I knew I'd have no luck finding one later), so, whilst not my ideal choice, this picture of Coldplay will just have to do!
For page number 3 I avoided the magazines altogether, and just used the collaged elements created from book pages, as I know this is something I'll be able to recreate at home. I think this page is my favourite of the three, which is probably a good thing! 
After the workshop we had time for a rummage in the shop, which gave me chance to spend the birthday money that my lovely Mum had sent with me. I picked up one of the stamp sets that we'd used in the workshop, and a couple of other bits so that I could carry on creating at home. The Derwent Inktense blocks are still on my shopping list, I had to leave those behind or I'd have overspent!
This page is what I call the sign of a good workshop - I got home, showed hubby what I'd done and regaled him with tales of the day, had tea, and then immediately went off and started creating again! I'm happy that the paints that I've got did just as good a job as the Ranger paint dabbers that we used in the workshop, and I gave the stamps a very good first outing! I added the extra colour with my spray inks, which I think worked quite well, so I can wait for the Inktense blocks a bit longer!
So thank you hubby for a fantastic birthday present, and thank you Dyan for an amazing day - I'm hoping to be back for the next one!


Handmade Hannah said...

It sounds great! You r pages are fabulous - my favourite is the last one - the colours are lovely and the border is really effective :) You should have a look at the Facebook Group 'Art Journaling for Women' as there is loads of inspiration there, and Dyan regularly posts her art journal pages too!

misteejay said...

What a super present from hubby. Your pages are fab - they all look really great.

Sounds like you really enjoyed your day.

Toni xx

Claire said...

What a fabby hubby you have, fantastic pages, looks like you had a great day.
C xx

vixen said...

Brilliant pages looks like you have defiantly caught the Art Journalling bug :)

Tracy said...

These are amazing ..whoop whoop for suxh a great hubby!!
Sooo looking forward to seeing more!!

Ann B said...

Visiting via Dyan's Facebook link.
You pages are just gorgeous, hard to believe you haven't done this before. Love how you have used the stamps.
Must sign up for one of these myself and get my DH to pay for it ha ha.

Dylan said...

thanks for the great comments, your pages are fabby. So excited to see you created another one straight away. Way to go girlie x