Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, Purr Purr Purr

Yes, I'm a fan of 'Big Bang Theory', and yes, I've seen someone use this as a title before. But don't ask me who, or where - it's one of those things that just crept into the back of my head, and leapt out when I was creating this layout. I started off with just the 'sleepy kitty' part, without the Big Bang reference - she's a kitty and she looks sleepy - but it didn't look quite right somehow. So I put the layout to one side and did something else for a bit. And while I was doing whatever else it was that I was doing, I remembered the layout that I'd seen that used the lyrics to Sheldon's song, and I realised what my layout was missing.
I used the scraps that I had left from a Sarah's Cards kit (whichever month it was that had Crate Paper's 'Random' collection as the focus). I ordered extra bits from the 'Random' collection to go with this kit, and I've used almost all of it. I was a bit stuck with what to do with all of the number stickers, until I decided to create a banner under my photos with them. Unfortunately when I started the banner I failed to notice that I'd already used the '3' on another project, so ended up having to add one from the alpha stickers instead. Oh well, apart from being a little on the small side, I think it works. 
I can't wait for the new Crate Paper collections to make their way over to the UK, they look fabulous!


Sandra said...

Just totally, totally stunning. We're huge big bang fans in our home, so I loved this title :)

Emilie said...

Gorgeous LO! I love how you used those stckers!!!

Dan said...

Huge BBT fan here too, love the LO! :)