Sunday, 22 January 2012

M is for Mojo

It's Sunday, which means it's challenge time over at The Studio! This week, Julie has set a Sesame Street inspired challenge - to create a layout 'brought to you by the letter ?' 
My letter is fairly obvious really - what else could I choose but the letter 'M'?! I'm really pleased with the way this layout turned out - I follow a lot of blogs, and I've been finding recently that I've been saying 'ooh that's nice' about layouts created by three particular people, who all have a similar style (Marcy Penner, Lisa Truesdell and Rahel Menig). I love their work, and have been wanting to try something similar for a while. 
I hope you'll join in with this week's challenge, and maybe try something new too! What will your letter be?


Sally said...

A nice simple layout with loadsa white space :) I love it.

Sandra said...

It's simply stunning

fatmonica said...

Great layout!

Karen leonard said...

Great layout...sometimes its true that " less is more" !

Claire said...

Love that, very clean & simple.
C xx