Monday, 4 July 2011

The Happiness Blog Hop: Make Time For Friends

Welcome to the Happiness Blog Hop! You should have arrived here from Scrapworthy Lives. This month we are focusing on the happiness that comes from friends, specifically 'Making Time For Friends'.
After some reflection on the theme I decided to showcase a couple of photos from our wedding last summer. One of the great things about our wedding (apart from the obvious!) was that it was a perfect opportunity to gather all of our close friends together. I'm incredibly grateful for the fact that I can count my two sisters among my closest friends, and this is reflected in the photos that I've chosen to show.
The girls:

The boys:

Being part of this blog hop has made me realise that although I do make an effort to make time for friends, I have a definite lack of photographic evidence! So from here on I'm determined to take more photos of my friends, no matter how much they may complain about it :D 
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Thanks for hopping with us! Your next stop is Pie for Breakfast :D

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Jenny McGee said...

Great photos. I love this happiness blog subject of friends. People need to embrace their friends and not take advantage. Thanks for sharing your photos.

Valerie S said...

I love looking at wedding photos because they are always happy. Your wedding looks absolutely beautiful. Weddings are a great time to gather with friends. I have 3 sisters and I'm proud that I can call them my friends.

Stephanie Medley-Rath said...

Love this! I used to take photos of my friends all the time as a teenager, but now for some reason, I hesitate. I really need to make more effort to take more photos of my friends, especially group photos. When I do take photos with my friends I end up with several random photos but none that really tells the story I want to tell.

Cheryl M said...

I love your photos and I need to get more photos myself of our friends when we're together.

Rebekah said...

Beautiful photos! You're right, I don't take as many pics of my friends b/c they aren't as in to taking photos as I am and I don't want to scare them away LOL!! They already think I take way too many!!