Friday, 2 April 2010

My Cat The Dog

I thought I'd give one of my other furbabies a moment in the sun for a change! 

I took these photos during the bad snow at the beginning of the year. Every time we took Mojo out for a walk she came back covered in snowballs, so we brought her bed downstairs and covered it in blankets so she had somewhere to thaw out. That plan backfired though when the youngest of our two cats, Leela, decided that it looked like a comfy place to sleep, and adopted the bed as her own! We shouldn't have been surprised, as Leela has also adopted Mojo as her mum, and often comes on walks with us - I don't know what I must look like with a dog trotting on one side and a cat on the other as I walk up the road!

I think I'm getting a bit better at taking photos of layouts, thanks to all the tips from everyone on UKScrappers, but I must remember to turn the flash off!


Dan said...

Great LO, am loving the distressed edges! :)

JulesinParadise said...

From one Jules to another, you cat work is wonderful!